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April Happenings

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Agritourism Winners, Mother's Day Gift Ideas & More!

Wildrose Agritourism Challenge 2021 Winners

1) BJ Janzen, Rosebud Country Inn - Rosebud Country Market and Dark Sky Initiative

2) Whispering Cedars Ranch - Farm Stays

3) Poplar Bluff - Distillery and Steakhouse

We would like to take an opportunity to thank all of our followers and guests. Thank you for your shares, likes, and comments on our social media during the Agritourism Innovation Challenge. We will keep you informed throughout our new initiatives.


Mother’s Day ~ Gifts

Mother’s Day Certificate

(Available for purchase until May 9, 2021)

Purchase a Mother’s Day Gift Certificate, so mom can book anytime during the year. When she comes for her stay we will include a complimentary Mother’s Day Gift Basket from Nature’s Essential Garden, valued at $50! The basket includes relaxing bath and body products with all-natural ingredients. It is made in the Canadian Badlands.

Breakfast included. Dinner options are available separately. Certificates will be emailed to you. Get your Certificate today!


Pie Shoppe & Eatery

The Pie Shoppe & Eatery is open Wednesday - Saturday, from 11:30 am - 4:30 pm for TAKE-OUT! Now offering homemade soup & bun, as well as Pie. We are open for in-person dining and takeout!  

Rosebud Country Market

BBQ Season is here! When shopping the online market, you not only get fresh and quality products, you become connected to the vendors and their remarkable stories. Check out some of Slim Pickens Farm & Garden's amazing selection of BBQ-able cuts of meat. Yum!


Badlands Motorsports Resort

Many of you have written to us, after a feature was done on the CBC News, wondering what my opinion is.  I thought I would answer the questions here in the newsletter.

We have owned the Inn for 12 years.  The idea of the Motorsport Resort had been planted in some Calgary minds prior to our arrival here in Rosebud.

This is what I know so far…

  1. The resort’s land is 5 kilometers east of our little Hamlet, down in a valley.  I don’t believe we will hear it, but I certainly could be wrong.  I asked the Resort’s rep to do a little test – have a very loud car go to the land and rev the motor, while we are standing on our deck, facing east.  In that way, he might be able to ease people’s minds.  He did not take my suggestion.

  2. The land is part of Kneehill County; however, the farms butting up against it, to the west, are in Wheatland County (our County).

  3. It will cater to “elite” vehicles, so that owners can take their vehicles off public roads, in a safe and controlled environment, to put their Ferrari’s pedal to the metal!!

  4. The work that needs to be completed in order to bring water, sewer and proper road allowances to the resort is in the multi-millions of dollars.  None of these have begun to be developed.

  5. The spokesperson for the resort has given the impression that they will “save” our little town, by giving people jobs.  You can imagine how that is going over.

I don’t believe I will be alive to see it operational…and I plan to live to be 110!!

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