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Great plays at Rosebud Theatre

The Rosebud Country Inn is only 500 steps from the Rosebud Theatre!


Book your Theatre tickets at 1-800-267-7553 or visit


Stays at the Rosebud Country Inn can be purchased by clicking here.


If you have "Theatre Only" tickets, you can stop in and have lunch here at the Inn in the Eatery!

The Eatery is open on March 20th, Wed-Sun, 12pm-4pm. Please always check the Eatery opening hours as they can change. For more than 4 people, please call and reserve: 1-866-677-2211

Other Main Attractions Include
Golf Courses
Locally Owned & Operated Restaurants/Coffee Shops


  • Black Mountain Roasters

  • Café Ole, Drumheller

  • Lois and Ani Tea Shop

  • Heller Good Sandwiches

  • Vintage

  • Yavis

  • The Old Grouch

  • Vietnamese Noodle House

  • Happy Belly

  • Sam’s Kitchen

  • Damoa Sush


  • 90’s 2 Chinese Restaurant

  • Triple B Tavern – check their Facebook page


  • High Seas Coffee

  • Country Cousins

Three Hills

  • Atrium Café, located at Prairie College

  • Little Bird on Main

  • Busy Bee Bake Shop

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